Parsha Club for Kids

Where do cute Jewish kindergarteners to third graders in Omaha hang out together? They look forward to Thursday afternoons when they get together with their friends at the Chabad House to learn the Parsha and to play.
First grader Gavriella Edwards and her third grade sister O'Bryen know Thursday to be the highlight of their week. Their mom, Fran Edwards, raves, "O'Bryen and Gavriella LOVED going to Parsha Club! They loved having a membership card and would make sure they had it before going to school on Thursdays. They also really loved the raffle." Edwards wasn't sure that attending a Jewish study club once a week would be something positive for her daughters. "At first, I thought they would be like, "Why do we have to go?" But they got very excited every time I said that it was Parsha Club day." The Edwards will be moving from Omaha and will miss being members of the Parsha Club. Fran continues, "I'm sad they won't be able to continue, because I know they would've loved it."
Parsha Club's first session was launched this year in August to fill the void for Jewish kids to supplement their Judaic studies. Kelly Kirk, mom of Kindergartener Emily and Second grader Lauren, knows that "Parsha club is an amazing addition to Chabad's educational program for kids!" She explains, "I know that each week not only are my girls learning more than I ever thought possible, they are doing it in an environment that makes Jewish learning fun and exciting! Nothing makes me happier than knowing my children are proud to be Jewish!"
The Parsha Club uses a newly developed curriculum to impart the teachings of the Parsha to the young students. The Parsha is a recurring theme in Judaism. Shani Katzman, co-director or the Chabad House which hosts the Parsha Club every week, conveys, "Universally, all Jews "live" with the Parsha of the week." She adds, "The Parsha is the road map for Jewish living and inspiration each day. I love this unique opportunity that young children are offered here and that they are trained to be tuned in to what the Torah is telling them each week. They know that in each day and in every circumstance they can look to the Torah for meaning and relevance. And that is a fabulous thing!"
There was much excitement in the air on October 9th at the last meeting of the session where Book of Devarim was completed. After learning the last Parsha in the entire Torah, the kids selected their favorite awards for wonderful participation in the lessons which emphasized a theme touched upon at previous Parsha Club meetings. The proud children took home their meticulously filled in and decorated Parsha books to show to their families and to review at home.
Natasha Kraft, mom of first grader, Alex, listens in to the Club meetings and is very grateful for them. She remarks, "My favorite aspect of the club was watching learning take place. It was like I could see the light bulb turn on for some of the kids, and when they answered the question correctly their eyes really light up!"
Parsha Club is an exclusive and members-only gathering. However, Parsha Club member Isabella Wright announces, ""Parsha class is great and makes me feel smart. I really have to think when I'm there. Everybody in the world should come to Parsha class!" All Jewish kids in the community aged 5-9 are welcome to contact Shevi at 330-1800 or to receive a guest pass and try out the club or to sign up for a full session at