A Thread of Kindness

How can I help? This is the question on people's minds when they hear of a Jewish family visiting Omaha’s world class Medical Center from abroad for treatment.
For more than two decades Chabad with its team of outstanding volunteers has been committed to help ease the road through treatment and recuperation.  To relieve the acute pain of a serious medical challenge. Visiting families face uncertainty regarding the duration of their stay here and the future of their health.  Language is often an added hurdle along with the American culture.  Loneliness and lots of free time must be tackled. Patients miss their families, their homes and their jobs.
A Thread of Kindness is Chabad's initiative to organize volunteers to reach out with love to these families. There are currently several families in Omaha.  We would like to extend a warm welcome and and offer friendship and assistance.  There are many ways possible.  Your creativity and ideas are most appreciated.
Please contact Mushka at
[email protected] to participate in this special Mitzvah.