Chabad Judaica Boutique

Fine Judaica, gifts and Jewish books are available for purchase at the Chabad Judaica Boutique, 1866 South 120th Street

Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00am-1:00pm

Or visit to have the items shipped directly to your home.

Chabad Judaica Boutique was established in 1990 at the Chabad House on 119th and Pacific Streets. In 2006, it expanded significantly thanks to a generous donation by Mr. James Skinner. Today, the boutique sells a variety of Judaica goods, services, books, music and fine art. Exclusive artwork and jewelry sold at the shop include products from Jillery, Michal Golan, and Quest. Menorah scrolls handwritten by a scribe are imported from New York and Israel. The boutique staff will check your Mezuzah scroll at home for inaccuracies which occur over time and can repair or replace your scroll. Every item is hand picked and imported for you with care.

"The main thrust of our shop is education", Shani Katzman, education director at Chabad House explained.  "Education is experience. Jewish music for the children, Jewish art for the home, books for everyone and ritual items for all to enjoy- this is how Judaism becomes the learned, acquired, relevant behavior", the rebetzin added.

Chabad Judaica Boutique is located at the Chabad House, 1866 S 120th Street, and is open Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 1:00pm and by appointment.

If you don’t have  time to stop in, visit for a huge selection of online Judaica shipped straight to your home.