We sincerely thank these people for considering Chabad as their beneficiary and partner in securing a strong and stable future for the Jewish community through the Life and Legacy Program.

Michael & Karen Cohen
Deborah Denenberg
Steven Denenberg
Gary Epstein
James & Judy Farber
Cynthia Follick
Donald Gerber
Mikhail Ginsburg
Donald Goldstein
Allan Gonsher
Mary Sue Grossman
Kathy Goldstein Helm
Joan Sandler Jacobson
Richard Jacobson
Gary & Karen Javitch
Edward & Anne Joseph and Family
Russ Kaplan
Marsha A. Kleinberg
Milton M. Kleinberg
Howard Kutler
Cheryl Lerner
Gary Lerner
Mario Lopez
Joan Krasne Marcus
Dr. Patricia Newman
Murray & Sharee Newman
Patty Nogg
Steve Nogg
Eric & Julie Phillips
James & Susan Polack
Debbie Powers
Gail Raznick
Lenore Richter
Marty & Iris Ricks
Lynne-Carol Saltzman
Anthony Scioli
Sissy Silber
Harold Siporin
Barry Summer
Clinton Weber
Helen Weber
Nancy Wolf 
Philip Wolf


Dear Chabad Family and Friends,

Just like them, we all can leave our legacy - one that ensures continuation of a Jewish life for our loves ones, friends, and community, and also that continues the legacy of those who came before us.

Please consider the impact that Chabad  has had on you and your family. You can help to ensure that the Chabad Center you love continues to play a vital role in our community, and develops and flourishes with ongoing programming for future generations. From generation to generation, a Legacy gift continues to enable future participation in a positive Jewish life.

Anyone can leave a legacy, and we are delighted to participate in the Greater Nebraska Life and Legacy Program, You can name Chabad as a beneficiary in your will, retirement account, life insurance, or other instrument. If you have already named Chabad as a beneficiary in your estate plans, THANK YOU! Please be sure to notify the Chabad office so that the Rabbi and Shani can recognize your commitment and investment in Chabad's future, and future generations to come. Via the Life and Legacy Program, Chabad is working to secure the necessary resources for a strong Jewish future in the tri-state area.


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