Guest House at Chabad of Nebraska 

What it does for others: 

Omaha’s Hospitality Center, located on the property adjacent to Chabad House, provides a home for patients and their families who visit the prestigious UNMC from throughout the world.  It offers an ample, comfortable, home adjacent to the Chabad House.  Round the clock comfort, counseling and guidance is available by Chabad’s staff and volunteers.  The environment allows the family to live a normal, independent life despite the trying circumstances incurred by serious medical conditions.  The kosher kitchen, fully outfitted permits the family to prepare their favorite comfort foods.  

Omaha’s Hospitality Center also welcomes guests to our region and provides Kosher food and Shabbat lodging.  Visitors to Omaha often call Chabad House to request a haimish place to stay and Kosher provisions.  This center offers Nebraska’s unique brand of Jewish warmth.  

As is customary with Chabad Houses worldwide, Chabad has been offering these above mentioned services for more than two decades.  It is time to take this project to the next level.  The acquisition of this home would make Bikur Cholim and hospitality permanent and cost effective. 

How you can help

$150,00 is needed by year end to make this dream a reality.
Times are difficult. This is an investment you cannot afford to pass up.

Look who's already hosting guests

Aaron Partner, $10,000 and Higher
Steven Silver

Joseph Partner, $5,000 to $9,999
James Skinner Baking Company
Marvin and Sandra Kohll
Philip and Nancy Wolf

Gabi and Rivky Partner, $2,000 to $4,999
David and Marlene Cohen
James Skinner Baking Company
Howard and Sharon Kooper

Rahab Partner, $2,000 and under
Fred Tichauer

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