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9:30am Personal Parsha with Shani
Women find relevance in Torah's Timeless Messages
10:30am Biblical Hebrew with Professor David Cohen
Understanding Hebrew
7:00pm NEW! Discipline vs. Negotiation with Eli Tenenbaum
How the Talmudic Scholars weigh in on this weighty topic
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1:00pm Influential Biblical Women with Rochi Katzman
Text-Based Study of Scriptures
7:00pm NEW! Pirkei Avot: Beyond the Law with Leibel Baumgarten
Abraham, a Talking Donkey and the 10 Plagues - what do they have in common?
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9:30am Mystical Thinking (Tanya) with Rabbi Katzman
What's Your Personality?
10:30am Basic Hebrew Reading with Professor David Cohen Zoom
1:00pm Keeping Count: Sefira with Rabbi Blotner
Get the Most Out Of Your Day
Zoom | Facebook
11:00am Advanced Hebrew Class with Professor David Cohen Zoom
12:00pm Talmud Study with Rabbi Katzman
Explore the Tradition of Praying for Others
Zoom | Facebook
1:00pm Fun with Yiddish with Shani Katzman
Your Bubby's expressions, history, music and more!

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4:00pm NEW! Kids in the Kitchen with Mushka B. and Bubby
Come cook some kid-friendly recipes with us!
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1:00pm NEW! Pre-Shabbat Party for Kids with Miri
Sing and Dance as we greet Shabbat
7:00pm NEW! L'Chaim and a Thought to Welcome Shabbat with Rabbi Blotner Zoom
9:00am Davening & Inspiration
Daven alongside others as we connect to ourselves and each other
  Bedtime Story Time for Kids
A calming pre-bed ritual for young children
  Parenting in Uncertain Times
All of your questions answered by the seasoned mom and the newbie
  A Taste of Shabbat with Chaya Blotner (April 29)
Cook along for a delicious, wholesome Shabbat meal
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