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You have the opportunity to make a difference NOW!

Become a Shareholder Today!

Join the ranks of Chabad's Shareholders whose big hearts fuel our vital services and activities.  May G-d shower you with abundant blessing. We are so thankful to these are the shareholders who gave generously so far this year.

Rabbi's Circle ($20,000 or more)

Milton & Marsha Kleinberg            Steve & Patricia Kaniewski

Platinum ($15,000 - $19,999)

Tom & Darlynn Fellman        Philip & Nancy Wolf        Robert & Elaine Urban 

Gold ($10,000 - $14,999)

David P. Bernstein         Robert Eisenberg        Gary & Lisa Epstein    

Kim Schupack Farrow         Joseph & Maxine Kirshenbaum    

Louis Jr. & Kathy Rotella         Jim & Judy Skinner

Silver ($5,000- $9,999) 

Joel Alperson         Drs. David & Marlene Cohen

Donald & Andi GoldsteinSteven obm & Marcia Pitlor         Rubin Family

Dr. Joel & Nancy Schlessinger         Steve Silver

 Bronze ($1,801 - $4,999)

Bob & Marla Cohen         Irv Epstein Esq.         Dr. Joel & Debbie Gellen

Donald Gerber         Gary & Karen Javitch         Devorah Katzman

Howard Kooper         Lisa Krutter         Jay & Bobette Lerner

Dr. Eric & Julie Phillips         Terri Schrager             Fred Tichauer

Chai Club ($1,800)

Drs. Michael & Karen Cohen         Deborah Denenberg

Kathy GoldsteinAbe & Toni Hoch         Ike and Roz Friedman Foundation

Larry Kelberg & Stephanie Cohen         Howard Kutler

Bruce & Linda Neumann Potash         Gail Raznick         Carl & Zoe Riekes

Michael & Fiona Scharf


Call 402-330-1800 with with your questions or to speak to Rabbi Katzman about how to make a difference this year.

May the merit of this special Mitzvah bring you an abundance of "nachas" from your loved ones, Simchas and all good things.

Upcoming events
Jul. 07, 2022
Sanhedrin 18
(No advance experience necessary)
Jul. 14, 2022
Sanhedrin 18
(No advance experience necessary)