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SHABBAT Downtown  

Every week, Chabad hosts weekly Shabbat services, dinners, and minyanim. During the Berskhire investors conference, Chabad adds a downtown option with Shabbat meals and davening in the Dodge Conference room in the Marriott, 222 N 10th StreetEvery year, Jewish Berkshire Hathaway investors get together over a beautiful shabbat dinner. Some of the most interesting conversations, meaningful connections, and new friendships have begun at this table. We would love for you to join us this year and add a different kind of inspiration to your weekend. Please note NEW and improved venue! 



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Friday Night, May 4th 6:30pm  

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May 4th: Shabbat dinner - 6:30pm

May 5th: Early Minyan and kiddush – 7am | Mincha, Shalosh  – 7pm

Our venue will be open during the day on Shabbat.  Please stop by for a nosh and a schmooz. 


Dodge Conference room in the Marriott, 222 N 10th Street

(402) 330-1800 | 

Call/text 402.417.2752 for more info


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