Synagogue Services

Where new daveners are always welcome!

Morning Services Sunday

Morning at 8:30am and Thursday morning at 7am. Click here to learn more about the morning Minyan.


Need to say Kaddish for a loved one? Call Rabbi to arrange for a Minyan.

Minyannaire Contract 

Are you ready to commit to attending the Minyan one day a week? Click here to print the contract.

Memorial Plaque

By purchasing a Memorial Plaque at the Chabad House, you ensure that your loved one is remembered and his or her soul remains alive. Kaddish will be recited on the day of the Yahrtzeit and a memorial light will be lit during the week of the Yahrtzeit and on holidays when Yizkor is recited. Click here to learn more about it. Order your plaque today by calling Mushka at 330-1800 or emailing [email protected]