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Become a Shareholder

We are now accepting new Shareholders for 2016-2017 at various levels. Please inquire with us today about our options.

Click here  to see a list of the 2016 Shareholders.

We are honored and delighted with your interest to partner with us as Shareholders in our mission to promote more Jewishness throughout our community.  

Your pledge of 1 Share ($1,800) is especially meaningful in these tumultuous times.  Your partnership and dedication strengthen our ability to continue striving to fulfill our mission.  Thanks for being proactive and positive during these challenging economic times.

Your involvement will go a long way in making Omaha a better place for all. Through the proliferation of good deeds and empowerment of all people, we are building a better tomorrow. Your contribution will allow us to continue our vital work every day over the next year. With G-d’s help we will accomplish many more good things for our community and beyond.

May the merit of this special Mitzvah bring you an abundance of "nachas" from your loved ones, Simchas and all good things.

Become a Chabad Shareholder today! Find out how by calling 402-330-1800 or emailing