Lag B'Omer 2009
By Shevi Katzman

The stormy weather did not allow Solar Oven enthusiasts to bake with the power of the sun on Lag B’Omer as planned, but Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai had gotten his wish. Everyone celebrated his day of passing with great joy at the Chabad House on May 12.
Dr. David Cohen, who joined the festivities together with his wife Marlene, notes "We enjoyed the festive occasion, especially meeting new friends and old, enjoying the delicious meal, and partaking in the fun and games.” The meal, lovingly prepared by Brigitte Kohll and Mushka Katzman, included a traditional barbecue menu as well as an array of delectable Middle Eastern salads.
The program, coordinated by Shani Katzman, co-director of Chabad House, had Gary Javitch saying, “I had an especially good time since I "skinned" my way to victory in the potato peeling contest.” The contest brought the group together in fun, spirit and excitement. Javitch adds, “The other events were fun, too.  And I have never gone away hungry from a Chabad event. The food was great.”
A greater understanding of the richness and depth to Jewish holidays is a goal at the Chabad House. Cohen explains, “Rabbi Katzman and his family shared with us insights into the meaning of the holiday - which especially pleased Marlene and me."
The event felt “haimish” and inclusive, testifies Brigette Kohll. She adds, “Being new to Omaha, it is really nice to find such a warm and welcoming place as Chabad. I had the opportunity to meet and mingle with many interesting people, hear more about the holiday, and enjoy good food, music and games.”
“Chabad is a place that welcomes all Jews as equal,” she continues, “regardless of level of religious observance, and offers a wide variety of events and learning experiences. It is a great place for young families and all to come together to have a great time in a relaxed and friendly environment.”
Thanks to Anat Cabili, Marlene and David Cohen, and Bob Goldberg for helping with the food at the party.