Action 3 News - KMTV - Omaha Rabbi Knows Jewish Couple Killed in Terrorist Attack

Omaha Rabbi Knows Jewish Couple Killed In Terrorist Attack

Posted: Nov 28, 2008 08:19 PM


Omaha, NE - The family of the murdered Jewish couple called their friend here in Omaha and asked him to hold a special ceremony Friday evening.  The attack on the other side of the world hits too close for the Omaha rabbi.

Prayers before the Sabbath at Omaha's Chabad House focus on the young Jewish couple killed in India. 

Friday's night candle lighting ceremony is a way for  members to pray for hope and healing.

Rabbi Mendel Katzman met Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg last year at the annual Chabad House meeting in New York. He calls them selfless and spiritual, "They could have been anywhere they wanted to be and they chose to be where they were  needed. They were just a wonderful couple.

The couple founded the Jewish Center in the heart of Mumbai five years ago.  India's security force believes the terrorists targeted it. Rabbi Katzman says, "clearly the world has to see this as a war against Godliness and goodness. I am shocked these kind of things still happen today."

They also pray for peace but know this won't be the last terrorist attack. 
Rabbi Katzman, "Whether it's Mumbai or Omaha, it's a stone throw away.  Tt's each and everyone of us. Today a Jew, tomorrow a Christian, the list goes on."

Among the darkness, this group vows to keep the light of goodness shining bright. 
The Chabad House also prays for the couple's son, who turned two Friday.  His nanny rescued him amidst the bloodshed in the Jewish center.

Reported by Michelle Bandur;