by Shevi Katzman
October 7, 2009

“Heartwarming” was the word Lisa Epstein used to describe the Annual Women's Soup in the Sukkah on October 5th.  Epstein was part of what she refers to as "a group of women gathering to celebrate the joy of Sukkot."
Julie Phillips also joined the women at Chabad House and noted that "the soup was yummy, the dancing joyful and even though it drizzled rain, the sukkah was cozy."
"This is one of my favorite Chabad events for the Women of Worth," claims Patti Adler, of the celebration last week. “It was a warm gathering of friends sharing a delicious homemade meal under the stars... We all had the opportunity to shake the lulav and Etrog and say the blessings."
Rebitzen Shani Katzman explains, "The themes of the festival are Jewish Unity and boundless joy. The Talmud states, ‘it is fitting for all Jews to sit together in one Sukkah.’ The blessing of Arba Minim - the four kinds - is symbolic of joining all shades of Jews into one Mitzvah." She ads, "the tradition of women gathering in friendship on Sukkot to be inspired and uplifted has become a most anticipated Omaha event. Many thanks to Nancy Wolf and Marsha Kleinberg whose dedication to this program made it most enjoyable and lovely."

sukkot 143.JPG
Organizers of the Annual Soup in the Sukkah which took place on October 5th are from Left to Right, Nancy Wolf, Shani Katzman and Marsha Kleinberg
Devra Bram echos Adler that it "is a joyous time to join together in the cozy candle-lit sukkah and enjoy fabulous food."
"Kudos to Nancy Wolf and Marsha Kleinberg for another memorable celebration," Bram ads.
Kleinberg's Italian vegetable soup recipe tantalized tasters for seconds and thirds. She states, "I thought the evening was a great success and enjoyed by all. The soups were good, the company varied and enjoyable and the dancing at the end of the evening fun for all." Marlene Cohen concurs. "It was terrific, as time with [Chabad] always is."
Epstein listened as "Shani told a story explaining doing mitzvot." She believes that "it was a story all the women were touched by and something we could incorporate into our daily lives." Basya Tsed agrees. "The story was very inspiring ."
Meaningful events aren't only serious. Adler enjoyed that "at the end the evening we played a fun game of Pocketbook scavenger hunt. We broke up into small groups and had to find items hunting in our purses, it was fun and we all had a good laugh at what people carry with them!" Vera Dobin's team did well and held that "It was really wonderful!"

sukkot 122.JPG
Rummaging through their purses during a game at Soup in the Sukkah last week are L-R Carol Parsow, Elaine Urban, and Patti Adler.
The women brought with them paper donations to donate to the Chabad Community Food Pantry.
"I always like the way women come together for this "girls only" event," notes Phillips, "I thought to myself, "this really feels like a sisterhood."

sukkot 094.JPG
Some of the women listening to a story by Shani Katzman at Chabad House last week.