Soul Green

A Tu B'shevat Journey of Preservation and Growth 

Let’s make our souls go green, too. This year on Tu B’shevat, which corresponds to January 30th, 2010, treat yourself to a Tu B’shevat journey of preservation and growth. In a new fascinating class, discover the background and significance of the holiday will engage you with halachic and civil legal issues pertaining to trees with real cases from modern law. A beautiful discussion of trees and ecology will portray how to apply the lessons of class to productive everyday living. The class encourages you to “Maintain your roots, spread your message, bend a little, but always stay connected.” Jewish tradition teaches that humans mirror trees in many ways. Can you find the tree within you? Join our green exploration into fascinating Talmudic ethics and Kabbalistic teachings for personal development. On this New Year for Trees, the 15th of Shevat, challenge your mind to uncover the metaphor of trees in the spiritual and emotional growth of your soul. Special exotic fruits will delight your palate as you learn about their development.

This Motzai Shabbat, January 30th, following Havdallah at 6:45pm and a Melava Malka dinner, join the class led by Rabbi Mendel Katzman for a. Reservations are requested to 330-1800 or at

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