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Wish List

Wish List


Chabad's Wish List

Birkur Cholim-Thread of Kindness

Thank you for taking the time and energy to help our new friends from the Holy Land on their journey to good health. Below are some items requested to make their lives a bit easier. Their needs are always changing so please check back with us again soon. Your creativity and imput is greatly appreicated!! Call Mushka at 215-5240 or email 

Cell Phone, Carrot juicer, Car, grocery shopping trips, site seeing trips, Soups/meals cooked in a Kosher kitchen, iPhone

Chabad House   Hospitality Suite   Food Pantry

Color copy machine 
Sound system - filled
PA system 
Security system 
Phone systemfilled  
Water cooler


Candy dishes
Lawn mower
Vacuum cleaner
Broom and dustpan
Clothing Iron
Clothing hangers
Art for walls
Under-the-shink Trash can
Bedding sets
Bath, hand and dish towels
Dining room set
Patio furniture
Furniture in good condition


Toilet paper
Canned goods and dry goods

Items should be in good repair; preferably clean with no tears.